APM Terminals commits to Ghana road safety

APM Terminals commits to Ghana road safety

APM Terminals (APMT) has signed an agreement to maximise road safety around its new port in the Ghanian city of Tema.

The company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ghanian government and road safety charity Amend.

The deal commits APMT to ensure port access roads and highways, which will handle the inland transportation from the port, are safe and able to handle increased traffic flow.

APM Terminals Head of Africa Inland Services Peter Jakobsen, based in Ghana, said in a statement:, “We wanted to start this road safety initiative proactively with our customers and our partners before our new port opens in 2019 to prepare the country for future growth in cargo volumes and new inland distribution patterns.

“We have a lot of expertise and best practices in this area from our work with other customers and countries so our partnership with Amend – an Africa road safety specialist- promises to deliver the critical results necessary to protect people’s lives and ensure Ghana’s supply chains succeed.”

The relationship between APM Terminals and Amend started earlier this year during an APM Terminals’ Magnum leadership training program in Ghana.

The participants worked with Amend to map out the social and business ideas necessary to develop new ways of improving corporate social responsibility through road safety initiatives and community engagement. Out of this collaboration partnership, a joint project was created.

According to Amend, over 1.2 million worldwide die every year from road traffic injuries and millions more are injured. Africa has the world’s highest road traffic injury rates, and road traffic injury is the leading cause of death for children over five years-old.