HHLA introduces slot-booking for Hamburg trucks

HHLA introduces slot-booking for Hamburg trucks
As ships get bigger in Hamburg, so do peaks in truck visits

Hamburg Hafen Und Logistik (HHLA) has launched a policy which means trucks can only enter its terminals if they have booked a slot for their visit.

The slot-booking process is part of the “Fuhre 4.0” initiative – a move by HHLA to develop digital solutions for intelligent container transport.

In recent years, the capacity of the container ships handled at ports like the Port of Hamburg has increased.

As more containers means more trucks, mandatory slot booking is being introduced for truck visits to avoid bottlenecks.

All of the Hamburg container terminals introduce the automated system at the same time.

HHLA Executive Board member Jens Hansen said: “With the slot-booking system, we have developed an intelligent solution that makes container transport at the port faster and more efficient. ”

The new slot-booking process involves the pre-announcement of transport data via the TR02 data interface.

This advance notification is already mandatory and includes information about the scheduled transport time.

If sufficient capacities are available at the requested time, the truck visit can be booked. Otherwise, the system automatically offers the next available time slot.

This makes it possible to coordinate truck visits with the capacities at the terminals.