Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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Kalmar launches ‘Essential’ range for Asia-Pacific
Kalmar essential range and TL2

Kalmar launches ‘Essential’ range for Asia-Pacific

Kalmar has introduced its ‘Essential’ range of port machinery at a conference in Hong Kong.

The ‘Essential’ range is aimed at the Asia-Pacific market and comprises reachstackers, empty container handlers and forlkifts. The range is based on Kalmar’s G-generation platform.

As well as the ‘Essential’ range, the company has introduced a new TL2 terminal tractor for Asia-Pacific customers.

The ‘Essential’ range of reachstackers (DRU450-570) comprises four models, with lifting capacities between 45 and 57 tonnes. There is a choice of three driveline combinations and either EU3/Tier 3 or Tier 4/EU 4F emissions standards compliant engines.

Kalmar ‘Essential’ range of empty container handlers (DCU80-100) offers a choice of three different lifting capacities – 8, 9 and 10 tonnes – and four different mast heights each with different stacking capabilities. As with ‘Essential’ reachstackers, customers can select from three driveline combinations and emissions standards compliant engines. All Essential range reachstackers and empty container handlers come fitted with a load sensing hydraulic system, which measures the load and applies the right amount of power to move it efficiently.

The Essential range of forklifts (DCG100-180T) comprises 12 models, with capacities ranging from 10 to 18 tonness that can be customised with a variety of power, mast, cabin and safety options. They can be used for a range of applications including container, steel and wood handling.

According to Kalmar, the new ‘Essential’ cabin improves driver comfort and safety with excellent all-round visibility, power steering and easy lift operation as well as non-slip stairs and handrails

All new Kalmar machines will be compatible with Kalmar SmartFleet, a equipment monitoring and optimisation tool that aims to make it easy to analyse performance data and helps to further improve efficiency and productivity.

Peter McLean, Senior Vice President, Kalmar Asia-Pacific, said: “The Kalmar Essential range and TL2 terminal tractor provide customers with everything they expect from Kalmar – including high quality, excellent reliability and efficient performance – at a competitive level. Both are based on a proven common platform, which makes servicing and troubleshooting easier and ensures that parts are readily available. It’s also easier for drivers to switch between different machine types thanks to the common operator interface and controls.”