Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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Quebec City plans to develop container terminal
The terminal will be in Quebec City

Quebec City plans to develop container terminal

The Québec Port Authority has announced it will construct a container terminal at Quebec City’s Beauport site.

The C$400m (US$311m) investment will create a container terminal with a 15 m water depth, 610 m additional wharf, 17 ha behind the wharf and connections to road and rail networks.

Port CEO Mario Girard said that Quebec City’s water depth and “full intermodality” give it a “distinctive advantage” over other terminals in the St. Lawrence- Great Lakes trade corridor, an area with an estimated 11om consumers.

Girard continued to say that the opening of the 15 m deep Panama Canal and the increasing size of ships in general, means that depth is becoming increasingly important to North American East Coast ports.

In a statement, Girard said: “Our vision is simple and strategic: make Québec City a hub for maritime logistics on the continent. We’ll succeed by rallying around this promising project. And in this vein, I’m reaching out to all stakeholders in the St. Lawrence so we can all work together to promote the St. Lawrence. More than ever, we must join forces to make the St. Lawrence more competitive.”

Quebec City’s mayor Regis Labeaume said: “Québec is a city whose history and development are closely tied to maritime economic activity. Developing the Port of Québec and improving the existing facilities are priorities for the region. Building a container terminal as part of the Beauport 2020 expansion project will have a major impact on the economy by creating a new continental deep-water logistics hub, which will be a major asset for the Port.”