Saturday , 25 January 2020
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Russian rail terminal installs SOLVO TOS

A Russian intermodal company has installed SOLVO’s terminal operating system at its rail terminal in Novosibirsk, in central Russia.

TransContainer, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, installed the software, which includes optical character recognition (OCR) technology, automated gate control and automated time-slotting for trucks.

According to SOLVO, the implementation has already resulted in a three-fold decrease in truck processing times and achieved at least 90% load capacity for container trains during shipping.

In a statement, TransContainer said: “The Smart Container Terminal is a new generation management system, which reduces possibility of human error, allowing to perform operations and accompanying document flow, to increase service quality and decision-making, as well as rationally optimise rail car and container resources to cut overall operating costs of the terminal.”

TransContainer added that the software would increase efficiency by reducing dependency on human labour and reduce electricity and fuel costs by eliminating unproductive runs during cargo handling operations in the yard.