Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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Red Hook Container Terminal may move

The Governor of New York has said he would consider moving Brooklyn’s Red Hook Container Terminal, according to Crain’s New York Business.

Andrew Cuomo said he may relocate the terminal to another site in Brooklyn, possibly in order to allow the facility, which sits on sought-after residential land, to be developed.

In his speech, Cuomo did not say that the site would be sold off to be turned into housing although this has been proposed by others  in local government.

Cuomo’s proposal is to move the terminal about 2 miles south to the dormant South Brooklyn Marine Terminal and he called on the Port Authority to investigate the relocation.

This would improve the terminal’s access to freight rail, potentially allowing containers to be offloaded from ships directly onto trains.


A spokesperson for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told Crain’s that the Mayor had not yet decided to cooperate with the proposal.

“We’re not yet to the detail phase of this, so it’s too early to say,” the spokesperson said. “Our focus is on transportation and housing for a neighbourhood [Red Hook] that’s been left out of the city’s progress for too many years. We look forward to hearing a lot more before we decide whether or not it sufficiently meets those needs.”