Friday , 17 August 2018
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Congestion hits embattled Yemeni ports
The Port of Hodeidah has been at the centre of controversy and fighting

Congestion hits embattled Yemeni ports

CMA CGM has instituted a port congestion surcharge on Yemen’s largest port.

The carrier has started to levy a charge of US$300 per teu on all shipments to the Port of Aden.

Due to a civil war, the country’s population have been struggling to adequately feed themselves and the United Nations estimates that 17m people are in urgent need of food.

Carriers such as Hapag-Lloyd had already implemented ‘war risk surcharges’ due to the increased danger of shipping to Yemen and the increased cost of insurance.

Hugh Fenton, Head of the Middle East and North Africa at the British Red Cross, told CM: “We are aware from our colleagues on the ground, of significant delays at ports in Yemen, including Aden. It is extremely worrying that the amount of humanitarian and commercial goods entering Yemen is far below what is needed. It is critical that commercial imports, including of food, medicines and fuel, be allowed to enter the country without obstruction. Without these essential resources, there is no aspect of life in Yemen that will not be severely impacted.”

Yemen’s rebel Houthi group have threatened to target international shipping in the Red Sea, ostensibly in retaliation for their opposition’s attempts to capture the Port of Hodeidah.