Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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Italian transshipment troubles hit Contship’s results
Volumes fell at Gioia Tauro

Italian transshipment troubles hit Contship’s results

A decline in its Mediterranean transshipment business has led to a fall in Contship Italia’s 2017 throughput volumes.

In particular, traffic declined at the company’s Southern Italian transshipment terminals in Gioia Tauro and Cagliari. Traffic at Medcenter Container Terminal, Gioia Tauro, was down 12.5% from 2.8m teu to 2.45m teu and traffic at Cagliari International Container Terminal, on the island of Sardinia, was down 35% from 0.67m teu to 0.43m teu.

On the other hand, Eurogate Tanger, the Moroccan transshipment terminal which Contship Italia has a stake in, grew its volumes from 1.167m teu to 1.438m teu.

Contship’s Italian gateway terminals also prospered as their volumes increased by 13% in total – led by an 18% increase in volumes at La Spezia Container Terminal, on the country’s North-West coast. At the company’s smaller gateway terminals, volumes were up 12% at Salerno and down 9% at Ravenna.

In total then, volumes at the terminals Contship has a stake in were down by 1.3%.

Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, Contship Italia Group President, said: “2017 was a challenging year for the maritime industry, especially the reorganisation of liner alliances which has significantly changed the environment. More and more the focus has shifted from port performance to supply chain performance with Contship’s intermodal product Hannibal, being able to record increased transport volumes compared to the year before.”

“Contship continues to work hard to provide the market with fully integrated and competitive port-to-door services by deploying innovative solutions and strong inland connections with expected further growth in Italy and over the Alps.”