Friday , 17 August 2018
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Swissterminal announces new company structure
Swissterminal will bundle its activities into two divisions

Swissterminal announces new company structure

The Swiss logistics provider Swissterminal has announced plans to restructure its company to allow a stronger focus on various business areas and entering new markets.

The company will bundle its activities into two divisions: one for operational activities and another for non-operational activities.

As a result, the current Swissterminal Holding AG will be split up and a new holding, 2M-Holding, will be formed to facilitate the changes.

Swissterminal Holding AG will cover operational activities such as handling and storage of containers performed by Swissterminal Basel AG, Swissterminal Birsfelden AG, Swissterminal AG and Swissterminal International AG. The organisation of transport, securing cold chains and inspection procedures will also fall into its portfolio.

The new 2M-Holding will carry out non-operational activities and will consist of 2M Solutions AG and Swissterminal Frenkendorf AG. The former will carry out domestic service and maintenance tasks and services for the terminal sector, while the latter covers assets such as real estate and buildings.

The shareholder structure remains unchanged in the course of the reorientation and there is no change in current obligations.