Sunday , 23 September 2018
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Konecranes announces new safety suite
An example of Work Zone

Konecranes announces new safety suite

Konecranes has launched a new software suite for its Smart Connected Lift Trucks range which the equipment company said will improve operational safety.

The Work Zone suite offers a set of location-based services and will especially improve safety in busy, high-traffic environments, according to Konecranes.

One of the services available will be geofencing, a new application which uses GPS technology to create virtual fences around real-world areas.

These areas can be used to trigger user-defined alerts which are then shown on the driver’s display or sent by SMS or email to chosen recipients.

These alerts could include information about height limits, speed limits or other safety matters in the virtually fenced area.

Konecranes said Work Zone can also be used to reduce and monitor downtime, and allows ussers to manage a fleet of lift trucks on a computer.

The suite is available for all customers using Smart Connected Lift Trucks and Konecranes said further features for the range are currently under development.