Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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Twill begins operations in Mexico

Digital freight forwarder Twill has rolled out its services in Mexico, meaning the company now operates in five import countries and four export countries.

Mexican customers will now be able to use Twill’s platform, which enables users to book, manage and monitor shipments online.

Twill has partnered with Maersk’s freight forwarding sector Damco to utilise its existing global footprint, and Twill CEO Troels Storving said some of Damco’s existing Mexican customers had already registered an interest in the platform.

“We’re one of the first in Mexico to offer this sort of solution for our customers. It’s clear to see that companies in Mexico are open to new ways of working and are constantly looking for new ways of doing things, and we’re excited to play our part in that.

“Mexico is the largest market in Latin America and while it is still largely considered an emerging market, it is expected to grow significantly in 2018.”

Damco’s Mexico chief Alexandra Loboda said the company had been investigating how to improve end-to-end visibility and improve the practicality of logistics.

Loboda said: “A lot of our customers are transactional, and Twill offers an innovative solution to better serve both current and new customers.

“It also means that we can differentiate from our competitors – we truly believe this sort of technology is the future.”