Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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The Port of Long Beach to pilot General Electric port software

Two container terminals at the Port of Long Beach, US, will pilot a General Electric (GE) Transportation software aimed at improving cargo movement through the facility.

Total Terminals International and Long Beach Container Terminal will pilot GE Transportation’s Port Optimizer platform, which gathers real-time data from across the port to improve the visibility of incoming cargo.

GE Transportation explained that the cloud-based Port Optimizer platform uses integrated data and machine learning to monitor the supply chain and react to changes within it, thus making it easier to predict when cargo will arrive at a facility.

Mario Cordero, executive director of the Port of Long Beach, said: “We experienced record volumes last year, with an 11 percent increase to 7.54 million twenty-foot equivalent units, making 2017 our busiest year ever.

“We need new and innovative ways to ensure our customers can move their containers from water to land quickly, reliably and at a cost that makes sense for their business.”

The pilot will last for two or three months and will build on a preliminary pilot at the Port of Los Angeles, where the solution has helped increase the visibility of incoming cargo from two days to two weeks.

GE Transportation’s chief digital officer, Laurie Tolson, said: “A uniform, common user portal, like our Port Optimizer solution, will enable stakeholders to make scheduling, planning and payment decisions prior to cargo arrival, as well as reduce delays during each handoff between nodes in the supply chain.”