Saturday , 20 October 2018
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Antwerp to train Brazilian workers

The Port of Antwerp will provide training for maritime professionals in Brazil after signing an agreement with the Brazilian government.

A memorandum of understanding between the Antwerp Port Authority and the Brazilian ministry of transport, ports and civil aviation outlines that Antwerp will run a special series of seminars in two already-existing maritime centres in the South American country.

Antwerp Port Authority president, Marc Van Peel, said: “Brazil is the main gateway to South America for the port of Antwerp, and thus for the many Flemish and European countries seeking to do business there.

“It is therefore essential for us to have a presence here in many ways, in order to raise the name recognition of Antwerp as the ideal gateway to Europe.”

The seminars will be run by an Antwerp Port Authority subsidiary, the Antwerp/ Flanders Port Training Centre (APEC), which has already run a similar programme in Mumbai, India.

One maritime school in São Paulo and another in Alagoas will be reformed in line with the APEC model.

APEC managing director, Kristof Waterschoot, said: “In particular, dockers have to be specially trained.

“We will develop a tailor-made programme for dock labour in collaboration with the Antwerp training centre.”