Monday , 23 September 2019
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PSA launches trade facilitation platform
The platform will cost SG$20m in its first phase

PSA launches trade facilitation platform

PSA has announced a new platform to ease interactions within the supply chain by reducing data duplication, improving data flow and providing up-to-date status visibility.

The Calista platform, estimated to cost SG$20m (US$15.1m) in its first phase, will connect parties within the supply chain by working with national trade, regulatory and other supply chain platforms to facilitate cross-border trade and help shippers meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Tan Chong Meng, CEO of PSA, said: “Developed as an open platform, Calista will be instrumental in fostering closer collaboration amongst manufacturers, logistic service providers and other stakeholders.

PSA has partnered with Global eTrade Services (GeTS) to develop the trade facilitation platform, and the pair hope Calista will offer a standardised method of interacting within the supply chain.

With regards to ports, Calista could be used to explore new intermodal transport corridors to achieve shorter transit times, better cost efficiencies and more optimised inventory management.

Eugene Wong, chairman of CrimsonLogistics and GeTS, said: “We welcome the participation of other co-developers and partners for Calista to make the platform even more robust in this era of digital economy.

“We are confident that we will deliver a pace-setting platform that powers global trade, making trade more accessible, predictable and easier.”