Friday , 24 January 2020
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Navis releases updated terminal operating system

Navis has released the newest version of its terminal operating system (TOS), N4, which it said is focused on supporting performance and scalability for mega terminal activity.

The new N4 3.6 is capable of supporting terminals with a throughput of up to 12m teu, and the company said the software offers a solution for terminals experiencing a rise in container traffic.

Raj Gupta, chief technology officer at Navis, said: “To date, one of the major limitations for shipping lines to consider when building their new mega vessels is terminal infrastructure limits.

“We’re constantly evaluating the functionality of N4 to determine where we can make system management and performance improvements to best meet our customers’ needs.”

One feature of the upgrade aims to reduce the average gantry distance to increase moves, while improvements aimed at reducing the idling time of horizontal transport have also been included.

The user interface (UI) has been improved, and a new HTML UI is now available on multiple platforms, including desktop and laptop. The Business Intelligence Portal, which provides information and analysis regarding terminal operations, has also been redesigned.