Thursday , 19 September 2019
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APMT Moin receives further cranes

Costa Rica’s APM Terminals (APMT) Moin has received a second delivery of ship-to-shore (STS) and electric rubber-tyred gantry (eRTG) cranes at its greenfield site.

The arrival means the facility now has six STS cranes and 23 eRTGs, and APMT said this second phase of development remains on schedule for completion in February 2019.

Kenneth Waugh, manging director of APMT Moin, said: “APM Terminals Moin is proud to celebrate this milestone, which puts Costa Rica on the logistics map and sends the right signal to stakeholders about our commitment to the country´s trade.

“These cranes represent a significant improvement in the competitiveness of the nation. They will boost the economy, moving it from the 139th to the number one position in the region, according to the World Bank connectivity ranking.”

The US$1bn facility is located on an APMT-built island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Costa Rica. A Qbis Socioeconomic Impact Study found that the facility is expected to raise the nation’s commerce by 23%.

The operator has employed more than 200 employees to work at the terminal, and they are being trained at a new training centre in Limon.

Lisbeth Thomas, head of human recourse at APMT Moin, said: “Our partnership with the National Learning Institute has been key to recruiting and certifying the right talent.

“So far, this includes three female crane operators who have demonstrated a high level of skill.”

APMT own 100% of the site and the development is part of a 30 year concession to operate the facility. The current phase of work is the second of three stages.