Port of Iquique to start second stage of pier rebuild

Port of Iquique to start second stage of pier rebuild
The works will take one year

The Port of Iquique is to begin the second stage of reconstruction of the Molo Pier, repairing damage that was caused by earthquakes in April 2014.

Works are comprised of the continuation and finalisation of the rebuilding process and will extend for one year, representing an investment of nearly US$15m.

Consorcio Constructor de Canabria Contractor (Constructora CCC) was awarded the tender for the project.

Alfredo Leiton, general manager of Empresa Portuaria Iquique (EPI), said that the works would be performed without compromising operations at the port and would help to “project our port into the future”.

Ahead of the start of works, Orleydis Dugarte, the works supervisor of Constructora CCC, said: “During the past days we have installed at the site our first worker crews highlighting our administrative personnel, ironworker, mechanic, and contractor crews, all with specific tasks assigned.”

Compliance verification of quality, engineering and compliance standards for established contract deadlines will be the charge of a multitask team.

The team comprises three field inspectors, one risk prevention specialist, one surveyor and senior specialists on environment and risk prevention.

The latter will visit works on a weekly and monthly basis to check for anomalies or improvements that could be performed.

Works include the installation of a slab on pre-excavated concrete piles, which will allow an increase of the natural depth of the first 125 m of pier terminal N° 1 to 15 m.

Additionally, they will include structural conditions to expand the pier and the capacity to operate latest-generation cranes.