Monday , 27 January 2020
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SICK announces hydraulic solution
The MAX48

SICK announces hydraulic solution

SICK has launched a new solution for hydraulic machinery that it claims will deliver space-saving, operating costs and maintenance gains.

The MAX48 is a sensor that SICK said can achieve a longer piston stroke length within the space of a standard-sized hydraulic cylinder while also increasing the amount of data can be monitored in real time and recorded for later analysis.

Darren Pratt, SICK’s UK product manager for encoders, said: “With a shorter head installation depth and damping zone, the MAX48 could deliver up to 10% more operating travel at the popular 300-400mm stroke range.

“The MAX48 also delivers unprecedented digital diagnostics capabilities to enable better in-service maintenance and cost-effective operation of machinery and vehicles.”

The solution utilises magnetostriction, a time-of-flight measurement method that works by measuring positional data on hydraulic cylinder stroke length using a permanent magnet, sited on the moving cylinder rod. The magnetic field of the piston mounted magnet interacts with the magnetic field created by a current pulse within the encoder rod to generate an ultrasonic pulse, which can then be used as a measurement.

The MAX48 delivers 0.1 mm resolution between 50 and 2,500 mm stroke length and is fully electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliant for all mobile machinery types.

The data collected includes minimum and maximum temperature, supply voltage, hours of operation and total piston travel distance.

The solution offers a head depth which is 5 mm shorter than competitive models, according to SICK, and offers 38 mm more usable stroke operation for a given cylinder length.