Monday , 23 September 2019
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Uruguayan APMT facility goes green
Pre-Trip Inspection stickers will be placed on the facility's containers to reflect the use of clean energy

Uruguayan APMT facility goes green

APM Terminals (APMT) Inland Services Uruguay will reduce its CO2 emissions by almost 50 tonnes a year after installing 648 solar panels.

The facility, also known as Montevideo Port Services SA, turned on the panels earlier this month and said they were capable of producing 228.6 MWh per year, enough to meet around 80% of the facility’s annual consumption.

Juan Robatto, general manager of Inland Services Argentina and Uruguay, said: “We’re proud to celebrate this milestone, which sets the benchmark for sustainability in Uruguay and sends the right signal to all our stakeholders about our commitment to tackling climate change.

“We’re now able to offer our customers a competitive as well as completely green product.”

The panels took around 45 days to install and will provide energy for be used for reefer plugs and other container operations.