Monday , 27 January 2020
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Gaussin launches three new vehicles

Gaussin has launched two autonomous vehicles and another variable vehicle for transporting containers, with all three vehicles being presented at TOC Europe.

The APM Autonomous vehicle is aimed at both brown field and green field ports and is equipped with technology that indicates the vehicle’s location without requiring any infrastructure.

To do so it uses the Lidar sensor while also utilising the simultaneous localisation and mapping system (SLAM) to detect obstacles.

The second autonomous vehicle, the AIV Revolution, is also equipped with a similar navigation technology that does not require any infrastructure.

The vehicle is being tested and trials under real operating conditions are scheduled before the end of 2018. These tests will involve a load of 70 tonnes in an environment also including pedestrians, lift trucks and traditional road trucks.

The final vehicle that was announced is the APM HE that was developed jointly with Bolloré Ports and is geared towards working in hot climates.

The vehicle, powered by Blue Solutions, can withstand temperatures exceeding 50°c and is fully electric.

Gaussin said the vehicle is aimed particularly at the Gulf countries and Africa, and the product is available in 38 tonnes and 75 tonnes and in manual, semi-automatic and autonomous versions.

The vehicle is available with either a transponder navigation system or with natural navigation without infrastructure, and can be fitted with various battery technologies.