Monday , 19 November 2018
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Kalmar launches Eco reachstacker with fuel saving guarantee
The model was launched at TOC Europe

Kalmar launches Eco reachstacker with fuel saving guarantee

Kalmar has launched a reachstacker with a fuel saving guarantee to customers, with the manufacturer offering to pay back the difference in fuel if an agreed reduction is not met.

The Eco Reachstacker is the first solution in the Finnish company’s eco-efficient portfolio – the Kalmar Eco Range.

Customers can either buy the machine with Kalmar Fuel Saving Solution or lease it with Kalmar Operational Solution, which guarantees availability and performance for a fixed period with a monthly fee.

In the first case, the customer buys the reachstacker with guaranteed reduction of fuel consumption, including the operator training and a three year license of Kalmar SmartFleet remote monitoring solution that tracks and monitors the fleet in real-time.

The solution guarantees the fuel consumption for each individual application and customer and guarantees to cut emissions, meet current and future emission standards and provide a better driving experience.

The fuel saving guarantee will be based on three different inputs from the customer and it will be reviewed after 12 months of use. If the agreed reduction is not met, Kalmar will pay back the difference in fuel.

The complete solution will include the reachstacker, the Fuel Saving Guarantee including the fuel it uses, preventive and corrective maintenance of the machine, tyres, Kalmar SmartFleet remote monitoring system, operator training and financing for the solution.

Svante Alverönn, vice president of solution sales, mobile equipment at Kalmar, said: “”Kalmar Eco Reachstacker represents a completely new way of doing business with us. We are ready to offer availability and performance guarantees for our customers and at the same time, help improve the eco-efficiency of the customer’s operations.

“We are ready to offer guaranteed fuel savings, provided that the customer participates in the operator training as well as uses Kalmar SmartFleet remote monitoring system to optimise the performance of the equipment.

“Furthermore, we are ready to take the full responsibility and offer agreed availability of the solution for a fixed period with a fixed price.”