Friday , 18 October 2019
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Kuenz unveils new RTG
The Freerider features a single girder rather than two

Kuenz unveils new RTG

Equipment manufacturer Kuenz has released a new rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane featuring a single girder, a new hoist system and a single-hand control system.

The Freerider’s single girder sits on-top of an A-frame structure, and Kuenz claims this lighter structure can reduce wind loads by up to 65% and allows the RTG to travel at 160 m per minute without a load, and at 130 m per minute with a load. At the base of the A-frame are 16 wheels that allow for multi-directional travel.

Kuenz claim the new RTG boasts the highest gantry speed on the market, and could cut operating costs by 40%.

The new, patented hoist system, Kuenz Spider, features eight rope drums and a special 8×2 rope reeving system that removes the need for additional micro-motion and anti-sway systems. The Spider’s eight motors are able to simultaneously move a load in all six degrees of freedom: hoist, lower, list, sideshift travel, skew and longshift longitudinal.

The One Hand control system allows the Freerider’s operator to move the load in all six degrees of freedom by using a knob controlled by a single hand. This system can also be integrated on all Kuenz cranes as well as in remote stations.

The Freerider can come with a track width between 1+5 and 1+9 and a light height between one over four and one over six. The Spider hoist system has a capacity of 42 tonnes and can have a lift height between one over four and one over seven.