Friday , 24 January 2020
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CMA CGM deploys container tracking device
CMA CGM first used the technology onboard in 2015

CMA CGM deploys container tracking device

CMA CGM has rolled out a new device for tracking containers which also provides a range of data and incorporates a near-real-time alert system.

The device, developed by French start-up Traxens, is a box that is fixed onto containers and measures the container’s position, the intensity of potential shocks, outside temperature variations and the opening and closing of doors. The humidity and temperature inside the container will also soon be provided.

Mathie Friedberg, senior vice-president of commercial and agency network at CMA CGM,  said: “With nearly 19m containers carried in 2017, the generalisation of smart containers in the Group’s fleet will allow to collect and analyse a lot of information necessary to improve the service offered to customers and will help them optimize their supply chain.”

CMA CGM was the first company to invest in Traxens, and has made the device available to all CMA CGM customers.

The CMA CGM Bougainville, an 18,000 teu vessel, became the first ship to use Traxens’ technology in 2015. MSC has also invested in the French start-up.