Friday , 24 January 2020
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APMT to update air quality app

APM Terminals (APMT) will update its health, safety and environmental management app later this year and include a function to raise awareness about air quality.

If local air quality in or around one of the operator’s 74 terminals or 100 inland depots is poor, external truck drivers may be instructed via the APMT Leading Safety app to switch off their engines whilst waiting to enter the terminal.

The Leading Safety App will utilise the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index to explain the health risks of pollutants by marking them between one – no health risks – and six – serious health risks.

Ashley Woods, senior environment advisor at APMT, said: “As a company we’re looking at different scenarios to reduce our emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions globally, to ensure our future decisions have the most beneficial impact.

“While we’re finalising our global approach, raising awareness internally and externally is key to gaining acceptance.”

This update is part of APMT’s current strategy to reduce air pollution which also includes using electric and hybrid container handling equipment and using renewable energy supplies, such as solar installations in Uruguay and India.

Wood said: “Electrification of diesel equipment can help improve local ambient air quality, but in a country which relies on coal in their energy mix, this will increase CO2 emissions and negatively affect air quality in other areas.

“When it comes to environmental impacts we need to look at the bigger picture and make the right decisions in the right locations across our portfolio. One size does not fit all.”