Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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CVS Ferrari launches cloud-based data-tracking

CVS Ferrari has made its remote monitoring system (RMS), which allows customers to track operational parameters online in real time, available in the cloud.

Real time modelling of machine status and in-cab display is also available, as is equipment and fleet GPS tracking.

RMS also offers a two-way communication system, allowing users to remotely perform functional tests on the machine while it is being used, and this will now be possible from the cloud.

CVS Ferrari said: “RMS will progressively completely migrate on the cloud as this modality greatly simplifies and eases the fruition of the system for all kind of users.

“The new RMS format includes a smartphone access version and soon the related app will also be downloadable off the main online stores.”

All functional events, whether they be system faults or system resets, are recorded in an interactive functional log book, which also provides a series of equipment-reliability key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis tools.

Operational events, such as information pertaining to handled loads, are recorded in an operational log book. Information includes type and size of load handled, weight, cycle traveled distance with and without load, burnt fuel, picking height and stack height.

Using operational data statistical analysis, RMS can then build up equipment and fleet activity reports.

A live camera is also provided on RMS, and captures a fisheye view of the driver’s front of field vision.