Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Yilport volumes up in first half of 2018
Yilport Leixões

Yilport volumes up in first half of 2018

Yilport’s facilities registered a 4.6% increase in volumes in the first half of 2018, handling 3.2m teu.

The growth was largely driven by the operator’s performance in Latin America, Turkey and at the Malta Freeport.

The Turkish company operates two facilities in Latin America, Puerto Bolívar in Ecuador and the Port of Paita in Peru. At Puerto Bolívar volumes rose by 30.1% to 60,525 teu, while Paita’s throughput hit 130,501 teu, translating to 16% growth.

At its home terminal, Gebze, Yilport registered a throughput of 284,266 teu, with a 15.2% increase compared to the year before. Gemport finished the first half of the year with a 5.8% rise in traffic and total volumes of 246,463 teu. Total Turkish throughput stood at more than 530,000 teu, growth of 10.6%.

However in Iberia, Yilport’s facilities suffered a setback as volumes fell by 2.9% to 592,785 teu. Yilport’s largest Iberian terminal, Leixões, recorded 1.1% growth and handled 309,881 teu in the first half of the year.

In the Nordic region, Yilport recorded growth of 1.7% and handled 237,922 teu between its Gävle Container Terminal in Sweden and Sjursøya Container Terminal in Norway.

Five new services began calling at Yilport facilities in the first half of 2018.