Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Ashdod to generate extra container storage

The Port of Ashdod will increase its storage space by 20% to around 500,000 containers after it approved plans to increase stack heights to six empty boxes.

The increase will also add an estimated additional 15,000 empty containers per year, improve the number of trucks entering the port during the day by 10% and produce an extra ILS2m (US$540,000) per year.

The Ashdod Port Company, which operates the facility, is also preparing to increase stack heights to seven in certain areas of the port.

Orna Hozman Bechor, chairman of the board of Ashdod Port Company, said: “There is presently a lack of rear areas for storage in the Ashdod area, and by increasing to a height of 6 and then 7 containers, will allow us to attract customers of other ports to Ashdod Port. The Rishonim Port is in the process of preparing for the future competition, and they are freeing up space by increasing their height. ”

The port will adapt its labour shifts to ensure continuous truck traffic at its gates by increasing the number of employees at the beginning of shifts, when there is a greater amount of work due to the higher number of trucks.