Friday , 24 January 2020
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Guayaquil to benefit from new hinterland connection

The Ecuadorian government will build a 44.2 km road connecting Guayaquil Port with the country’s south-central coast and highlands to improve links with national production centres.

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), which operates Contecon Guayaquil, the largest terminal at the port, said the Guayaquil South Viaduct project could boost foreign trade and the national economy.

Jose Antonio Contreras, CEO of Contecon Guayaquil, said: “Upon completion, the viaduct will optimise travel time resulting in considerable cost reduction in moving goods and usher more efficient port operations that hopefully lead to a more vibrant economic activity.”

The project is divided into four sections, the first along Cacique Tomala avenue, the second being a bridge over the Guayas River, the third connecting that bridge to the Puero Inca-Narajal route, and a final stretch linking with the Durab-Boliche route.

The Guayaquil city government has also announced it has received four proposals for the dredging of the port’s access channels. This follows on approval granted to Contecon Guayaquil to handle vessels up to 305 m long.

Anders Kjeldsen, ICTSI vice president and regional head for the Americas, said: “With investments in modern infrastructure, Contecon will progressively raise the bar in container and general cargo handling operations in Ecuador.”