Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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International Terminal Solutions launch new module
PortSpective provides an overview of operations

International Terminal Solutions launch new module

UK-based port software provider International Terminal Solutions (ITS) has launched a new module for terminal operating systems (TOS) that provides graphic replays of real-time operations.

The PortSpective Replay module works alongside ITS’ PortSpective module, which provides a full overview of live operations, and can provide a replay of a specific incident or a longer replay stretching hours for a general overview.

Richard Lambert, managing director of ITS, said: “We see that it offers a real advantage to the operational and maintenance management of cargo operations. The system isn’t tied to any specific TOS, specific manufacturer or type of container handling equipment.”

PortSpective Replay utilises data from PortSpective and provides a playback of the operation exactly as it occurred, with all of PortSpective’s tools and views available for detailed analysis of any incidents.

Lambert said: “PortSpective has several existing useful key performance indicators and analysis tools including a snail-trail generator screen to show equipment status and locations on a second-by-second basis.

“We have now enhanced this further with a full operational playback mode which will provide additional benefits to the terminal management.”

The replays can be viewed at various playback speeds, including real-time.