Hyster wins grant for truck development

Hyster wins grant for truck development
The truck is currently in development

Equipment manufacturer Hyster has received a grant to support the development of a zero-emissions container handling truck powered in part by a lithium-ion battery.

The top-loader, destined for the Port of Los Angeles, will be powered by a combination of the battery and a hydrogen fuel cell produced by Nuvera, Hyster’s sister company.

The grant was provided by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), part of California Climate Investments (CCI).

Lyndle McCurley, vice president of big truck sales Americas for Hyster, said: “The right power option for a truck will always depend on the specific operation.

“Whereas the large lithium-ion battery is expected to suit those applications with a medium duty cycle where opportunity charging is possible, we anticipate the truck powered by a battery re-charged by an onboard fuel cell will better suit the challenges of this particular end-user in the Port of L.A.”

Hyster believe the machine could be used to support applications with higher power consumption and a heavy duty cycle, as the truck can work for a full day before needing hydrogen refuelling.

The machine can also operate for longer before battery recharging is needed, which could be useful for operations with irregular break periods where it may be difficult to plan around battery charging.

McCurley said: “Hydrogen and grid power provide complementary power solutions for ports. Where the requirements to power a fleet of electric big trucks are likely to exceed power capabilities of the grid, hydrogen may provide ports with readily available energy without a requirement for a high capacity electric charging infrastructure.”

Hyster aims to offer the model with a range of charging options, and the unit currently in development is expected to utilise wireless fast charging.

It is also expected to utilise an energy recovery system in which energy is stored and recovered from lowering loads and braking.