Friday , 21 June 2019
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Port Freeport invests in LED lighting

Georgia-based manufacturer Bright Light Systems (BLS) has completed Phase 1 of the transition to high-mast energy-efficient LED lighting at Port Freeport, Texas.

The two-phase project began with the replacement of the legacy 1000-watt high pressure sodium lights in the Inner Harbour Area and the next phase, scheduled to begin in October, will replace the high mast lighting in the Velasco Terminal.

Port Freeport’s executive director/CEO Phyliss Saathoff said: “Port Freeport is continually evaluating innovative technologies that will support sustainable operations.

The LED solution supports the port’s commitment to sustainable energy management and reducing our carbon footprint, he added.

The lighting retrofit will illuminate over 250 acres in the terminal using approximately 400 NOVA HM LED lights with integrated wireless sensors and controls.

BLS has claimed the lights improve illuminance levels in the terminal and have an operating lifetime of over 100,000 hours.

The lights are equipped with integrated glare shields that BLS said will eliminate light trespass and glare for nearby neighbourhoods.

Port Freeport commission chairman Paul Kresta said: “The improved energy savings and reduction in light dispersion to the surrounding community demonstrates our dedication to providing a safer, more efficient environment for our customers and citizens.”

The port will also use the Bright Light Management System (BLMS), a centralised lighting management, monitoring and reporting platform that offers scheduling capabilities, asset management information and energy data analytics and reporting.

Al Durel, director of operations at Port Freeport, said: “Using the dimming and scheduling features of the Bright Light Management System we can directly manage our energy costs while providing a safer, more secure work environment for port personnel.

“The lighting software from BLS is very intuitive and has made it easy to manage our lighting with respect to port operations resulting in substantial costs savings.”

BLS is a lighting manufacturer that integrates advanced LED lighting technology with wireless control capabilities and an energy management platform with the aim to provide its customers with up to 80% energy savings in the high-mast lighting market.