Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Long Beach Harbour Commission approves US$870m for expanded rail yard
Pier B at the Port of Long Beach

Long Beach Harbour Commission approves US$870m for expanded rail yard

The Long Beach Board of Harbour Commissioners has approved a US$870m budget to build the Pier B On-Dock Rail support facility to help meet environmental targets.

The Pier B project is designed to shift more shipping containers from trucks to rail and the Port of Long Beach aims for it to be a more efficient and sustainable way to transfer cargo.

The project is a part of the port’s US$1bn rail improvement programme and the first arrival, departure and storage tracks are expected to be completed in 2024.

The entire project is expected to be complete by 2032, with additional tracks coming online in 2030, and the port expects on-dock rail in the harbour to double by 2035.

Currently, the ability to build long trains is limited due to the lack of adequate yard tracks and the configuration of mainline tracks.

The Pier B facility would provide track space to join together sections of trains assembled at terminals.

According to the port of Long Beach, a 1-mile-long train can take as many as 750 trucks off of the roadways and no trucks would visit the Pier B facility.

Tracy Egoscue, president of the Long Beach Board of Harbour Commissioners, said: “Moving more cargo by train helps our marine terminals transfer cargo faster.

“At the same time, it helps us make progress toward the environmental goals the Commission set in the Clean Air Action Plan and continue to lead the industry in sustainable operations.”

Mario Cordero, the Port of Long Beach’s executive director, added: “This development is strategically planned to deliver six key improvements within the next six years.

“These will provide major incremental benefits to the port’s on-dock rail network, improving the flow of cargo to and from terminals.”