Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Port of Salalah prepares for Cyclone Luban

Update October 14: The Port of Salalah has temporarily halted all operations, with the exception of safety and security, due to warnings from local authorities about tropical storm Luban.

The Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA) warned that the Dhofar Governorate is likely to be affected by heavy rain and fresh winds that could result in flash floods.

PACA advised residents to take precautions and to avoid low lying areas, wadi’s and to not venture into the sea.


October 11: The Port of Salalah will cease operations in order to ensure the safety of all personnel, equipment and cargo ahead of Cyclone Luban.

The category one cyclone is expected to pass in the vicinity of Salalah on or about the early hours of October 11 although the exact path and potential impact of the storm is unknown.

The port has told all non-essential personnel and equipment to vacate and it will cease all operations by 6am on October 11.

Locations for safe refuge outside of the harbour have been designated by Harbour Master, as vessels are not authorised to stay in the harbour after this time.

The port has advised its customers who have refrigerated and or International Maritime Organization (IMO) hazardous cargo inside the port to evacuate the containers before the shutdown.

Cyclone Luban is expected to move north by northwest towards the Dhofar governorate coast and Yemen, according to the Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA).

Chief commercial officer at the Port of Salalah Jesse Damsky said that the port is closely monitoring the situation and are taking preventative measures in any event.

In May, the Port of Salalah was damaged by another cyclone, Mekunu, in which silt deposited from the overflowing Wadis limited the draft of vessels calling at the port.

Additionally, the cyclone sunk unauthorised dhows blocking berths 1, 30, 31.

Operations at the port partially resumed 10 days after the cyclone but it reported that it has been unable to reach previous operational capacity due to limitations caused by the cyclone.

In its financial results for the first three quarters of 2018, the port announced throughput had declined 9% year-on-year from 2,794,000 teu to 2,555,000 teu.

Total revenue fell by 3% to OMR40.9m (US$106.3m) and the port reported a net loss after tax of OMR1.9m(US$5m) which is a 169% decrease.