Thursday , 23 January 2020
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MSC partners with Traxens to provide smart container solutions

MSC has committed to equipping 50,000 dry cargo containers in the coming months with smart container solutions, using Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by Traxens.

Traxens provides shippers with an internet-connected device which permanently fixes onto a container that allows it to collect and communicate real-time data on its position and movements throughout its journey.

It includes other factors that aim to keep cargo secure such as temperature, humidity level, shocks and vibrations and door opening and closing.

Through its partnership with Traxens, the carrier aims to enhance supply chain management and add efficiency, safety and predictability for shippers by offering visibility of dry cargo flow from door-to-door.

The company said that historically, chasing information has been time-consuming and expensive but Traxen’s smart container solution will help manage delays and other problems among the supply chain.

President and CEO of MSC Group Diego Aponte said: “MSC believes that the real-time tracking of containers is the future of the shipping industry. While shipping lines should of course compete on service, we will achieve better results for our customers by working in a more harmonised way on technology and innovation.

“Smart containers are a perfect example of where we can cooperate according to industry standards to make our services truly comprehensive and Traxens is the top innovator in this area.”

The IoT solutions provider is also expected to work on solutions to facilitate easier and quicker pre-customs clearance for shippers in the future.