Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Port of Valencia approves US$1.4bn expansion
The location of Valencia's new container terminal

Port of Valencia approves US$1.4bn expansion

The board of directors of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has provisionally approved the conditions for a tender for the construction and operation of a new 5m teu container terminal in a northern extension of the port.

The execution of this infrastructure, which will have an area of adjacent and compacted esplanade of about 137 ha, will suppose an investment of about €1.2bn (US$1.4bn)  between public contributions – among €400m (US$460m) – and private –from €800m-900m (US$920m-1bn).

The PAV’s president Aurelio Martínez said that the project would be the port’s “most important” one in the coming years because “in other projects there will be none involving €1.2bn (US$1.4bn) of investment.

Martínez and the PAV’s general director Francesc Sánchez believe that the potential rise in container traffic will place the port area among the first three in Europe.

The terminal is designed to take advantage of the strengths of Valencia as an import / export and transit port and to accommodate the expected increase in container traffic until 2050.

Sánchez added that “a terminal is not created suddenly” and that the new proposal is “a consequence of a well-made analysis of the market” of the capacity of current terminals, of the projections of demand, freights and transshipments, of the sizes – to have in a future capacity to give service to the larger ships – and of the intermodal connections.

He also said that a conservative analysis of current industry trends estimates that the port could have a capacity problem in six or seven years.

The future container terminal of the northern extension of the port of Valencia will have a berthing dock of up to 1,970 m in length with a draft of 20 m alongside and throughout the dock and a maritime access channel with a depth of 22.50 m.

The PAV will make the road and rail connection vials of the plot with the port’s general network.

Those who choose the tender for the construction and operation of this infrastructure may offer the size of the terminal that fits their business plan, which at least and to the maximum of its development; must include 800 m of berthing line and 49 ha.

Current operators “are required to increase the capacity of the current terminal,” 50%, and “return the current concession” to bring it back to tender.

As a “terminal of the future”, it is a requirement for to have the possibility of being 100% automated for loading and unloading containers, service to trucks and railroad. A rail terminal is also required to guarantee environmental protection.

Martinez would like to award the construction project before June 2019 and deliver the first phase to the questionnaire within two years.

The concession period is set at 35 years for proposals for partial occupation, with the possibility of reaching 50, and 50 for those that propose full occupation.

The board of directors’ final approval for the project to go ahead will be given in November.