Monday , 23 September 2019
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US Senators warn China may take over Djibouti port
Doraleh Container Terminal, Djibouti

US Senators warn China may take over Djibouti port

Two US Senators have written to the country’s Secretary of State warning him that China may take over Djibouti port and increase its influence in the Horn of Africa.

Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Chris Coons said they were alarmed that, after Djibouti seized the port from UAE-owned DP World in February and nationalised it in September, it may cede the port’s operations to a Chinese state-owned company.

The US and China are competing for influence in East Africa and across much of the developing world. Critics of China’s One Belt One Road strategy argued that it is aimed at increasing China’s global influence.

A court in London has ruled that Djibouti’s seizure of DP World’s terminal was illegal and DP World has warned other companies against taking over the terminal.