Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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APM Terminals Inland Services cleared to handle hazardous chemicals in India
The ICD in Chakan, Pune

APM Terminals Inland Services cleared to handle hazardous chemicals in India

APM Terminals (APMT) Inland Services’ integrated inland container depot (ICD) and supply chain solutions facility at Chakan, Pune has been awarded enviromental clearance to store, handle, transport, and deliver hazardous chemicals in any form.

The clearance given by the ministry of environment, forest and climate change, is the first for an Indian ICD.

India is the third largest chemical producer in Asia and its domestic Industry is projected to reach US$403bn by 2025.

The growing gap between the urgent need for qualified service providers and their availability has posed a continuous challenge to players across the ecosystem.

Ajit Venkataraman, APMT Inland Services, South Asia managing director, said: “We realised that the lack of facilities with environmental clearance for storage and handling of chemical cargo was impeding various regional industries and manufacturers from taking their business to the next level.”

The facility in Chakan is equipped with a yard capable of handling 60,000 containers annually, a bonded and non-bonded export-import warehouse and a domestic warehouse.

Other services include customs clearance, empty container acceptance, transportation solutions and container repairs which are typically offered near ports.

Venkataraman added: “We are now looking forward to further strengthen our customers’ chemical  supply chains by providing safe and sustainable solutions, minimising associated risks, and delivering ease of doing business.”

The purpose of the environmental clearance is to identify, examine, assess and evaluate the likely and probable impacts of a proposed project or activity on the environment.

It is also focused on working out remedial action plans to minimise adverse impact on the environment and ensure safety of employees, visitors, contractors and the communities impacted.