Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Liebherr hits 65% mobile harbour crane market share in 2018
In 2018, Liebherr sold 83 mobile harbour cranes in 40 countries

Liebherr hits 65% mobile harbour crane market share in 2018

Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane (MHC) segment recorded a market share of 65% last year with 83 sales in 40 countries.
The LHM 800 model received six sales as demand grew for the world’s largest MHC unit.
Andreas Müller, sales drector for Liebherr MHCs said: “Demand for our state-of-the-art handling solution was very stable at a high level during the course of the year.
“In addition, we have succeeded in reviving countries and even entire regions that have shown almost no turnover development in recent years.”
This included a record year in the UK and an “impressive” result in Africa.
Sales included an order for a LHM 420 for Qube Ports in Australia. While the crane was on its way to Bell Bay, Tasmania Qube ordered a second MHC type LHM 550.
The new machine will start operation in a couple of weeks and represents the ninth LHM Qube ordered from Liebherr in the past five years.
In March, Liebherr delivered a MHC type LHM 120 to the Belgium port worker-training centre OCHA.
In April, Liebherr Maritime Cranes launched the first purely electrical port crane, the LPS 420 E at the Transrussia exhibition in Moscow, Russia.
The newly designed machine is a purely electric driven portal crane. All crane movements like luffing, hoisting, slewing and travelling are done by electric motors.
The machine is designed for ports and terminals with an electrical infrastructure, providing a maximum load capacity of up to 124 tonnes.
The first unit has already been sold and will be delivered in the course of the year.
In the second half of the year, Karmsund Havn IKS purchased the biggest MHC in Norway, an LHM 550.
At the beginning of October, two Liebherr MHCs type LHM 600 were delivered from Liebherr’s maritime production facility in Rostock, Germany to Yilport’s newly acquired terminal in Guatemala.
The machines are equipped with a tower extension of 12 m, which ensures a maximum cabin height of more than 37 m.
OCUPA received an LHM 800 in container handling configuration for its terminal in Manzanillo, Mexico.
Salerno Container Terminal (SCT), owned by the Gallozzi SpA Group, received an LHM 600 and an LHM 800.
With the order for the third LHM 800, Montecon is now the world’s largest operator of the LHM 800 in terms of numbers.
Juan Olascoaga, general manager of Montecon, said: “Our MHCs are doubtlessly our main fixed asset, and they determine the service level that we provide to our customers.”
In addition to the LHM 420, which is popular in Africa, an LHM 280 and several large machines with a maximum capacity of up to 154 tonnes were sold.
Liebherr also sold the largest MHC for container handling in North America to the Canaveral Port Authority in 2018. The device was recently delivered.
Leopold Berthold, managing director sales for Liebherr Maritime Cranes, stated: “Despite unstable political and economic conditions, some of which are difficult to predict, the outlook for 2019 is positive.
“The existing order backlog is promising and indicates that the Liebherr MHC will continue on its successful course.”