Friday , 23 August 2019
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Terminal Puerto Arica implements N4 as cargo volume triples

Navis’ N4 terminal operating system (TOS) has been implemented at the Terminal Puerto Arica (TPA) to help manage a rapid rise in cargo volume.

TPA’s volume has tripled since it was founded in 2004, handling a total of 3.1m tonnes in 2018, which led the facility to switch from its in-house TOS to Navis’ third-party N4.

The terminal faced high dwell times, high levels of yard occupation and extra movements due to the condition of free storage offered to Bolivian imported cargo for up to 365 days and 60 days for exported cargo.

Dwell times ranged from a 12-day average permanence for imported containers and between 10 to 90 day permanence for imported break bulk and yard occupation reached a maximum of 85% in some periods of 2018.

Susan Gardner, VP and general manager of the Americas at Navis, said: “TPA is considered a port at the service of Bolivia and as such has several unique conditions which produced a complex operating system and unique challenges that had to be considered.”

The terminal chose N4 to aid its goals of increasing vessel productivity from 18 to 22 moves per hour, increasing the productivity of yard equipment by 20% and decreasing extra moves in the yard by 40%.

Dante Battaglia, operation assistant manager and head of project N4 implementation at TPA, said: “We have enabled a first level tool for our team with which we can provide better service to our customers.

“We underwent profound changes in the organisational structure of our company, integrating all systems around N4 to completely manage all types of port operations and we’re confident that we will see a substantial return on investment as our operations become safer, faster and more efficient.”

TPA is located within the Port of Arica which is considered one of the preferred ports in the region for large vessels handling cargo from Chile, Bolivia and the South of Peru.