Friday , 23 August 2019
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Liebherr delivers STS cranes to the USA
Penn Terminals received two post-panamax STS cranes

Liebherr delivers STS cranes to the USA

Liebherr Container Cranes has delivered four ship-to-shore (STS) cranes to the USA, with two being sent to New Jersey while the other two were delivered to Pennsylvania.

Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) received two 69 m “megamax” outreach cranes as part of the terminal’s improvement and expansion plan which will see the terminal grow to 309 acres.

The machines, the first of four Liebherr STS cranes to be delivered to PNCT, are fitted with semi-automation, electronic anti-sway and a straddle carrier position system that aims to increase productivity.

The cranes are also expected to improve safety through laser anti-collision systems and have integrated OCR and a checkers cabin to help ensure accurate container tracking.

Lift height over rail is 50.3 m and the machines offer a safe working load of 66 tonnes under a twinlift spreader, with a span of 30.48 m and a backreach of 20 m.

In Eddystone, Pennsylvania, Penn Terminals received two post-panamax STS cranes that aim to optimise operations and increase cycle times through anti-sway, anti-collision systems and remote diagnostics.

The machines also feature semi-automation of the trolley and hoist operation with manual operation only required when operating below a pre-configured safe height.

They offer a span of 18.288 m, an outreach of 48 m, a backreach of 15 m and a safe working load under a twinlift spreader of 66 tonnes.

Once Liebherr has handed over the rest of the cranes scheduled for PNCT, it will have delivered a total of 20 STS container cranes to the New York/New Jersey area since 2001.

Out of the 21 cranes, 14 have been delivered by the manufacturer since 2012.