Busy start to 2019 for ZPMC USA

Busy start to 2019 for ZPMC USA

In the first two weeks of 2019, ZPMC USA raised the last of four cranes for the South Carolina State Port Authority (SCSPA) in Charleston and offloaded four new ship-to-shore (STS) cranes at Virginia International Gateway Terminal.

With this timeframe, it also raised the second of four cranes for Maher Terminals in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and continued a 10-crane raise project for APM Terminals in Los Angeles.

Jeff Rosenberg, vice president, sales and marketing at ZPMC USA, said: “We have grown very quickly. We opened our sixth US service centre in South Florida this month, specifically to serve the South Florida ports.

“Our other service centre locations include Elizabeth, N.J., Portsmouth, Virginia, Jacksonville, Florida, Tacoma, Washington, and Los Angeles, California.”

The crane raise project for SCSPA in Charleston has been ongoing since spring of 2017 and included numerous upgrades. This is the fourth crane ZPMC’s service group has raised here, and the port expects to return the crane to service in the late spring.

Rosenberg added: “We believe the raises for Maher Terminals [in Elizabeth] are the largest that have ever been done.”

According to him, ZPMC USA has raised 15 cranes to date with three still in progress.

The manufacturer has four proprietary jacking systems available for crane raise work in the US that accommodate varying pier loading situations and height increases.

Two of the jacking frames load off the dock, and two are designed to jack the crane from its own structure to avoid putting any extra weight on the pier.

In addition to offloading and commissioning four new ZPMC STS cranes at the Virginia International Gateway Terminal, bringing ZPMC equipment there to 12, the group plans to make 27 more new-crane deliveries to 11 different ports on both coasts in 2019.

According to ZPMC USA’s president Jim Anastasio, the workload is unlikely to slow down, as the company services both ZPMC equipment and cranes built by other manufacturers.

He stated: “Since ZPMC opened up its service operation in the US three years ago we have grown rapidly to include approximately 100 employees nationwide.”