Monday , 23 September 2019
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Xvela to help improve stowage efficiency and real-time visibility for US shipping line

Seaboard Marine has gone live with Xvela’s cloud-based Collaborative Stowage Solution with the aim to improve stowage efficiency and real-time visibility into terminal operations.

The Miami-based shipping line will use the platform to perform container vessel stowage planning activities, share key collaborative information and view real-time terminal operations data in order to maximise port stay operations.

Through these methods, the platform aims to also help Seaboard Marine to improve communication, efficiency, and transparency throughout the stowage planning and execution processes.

Hector Velazco, manager of cargo planning and operations at Seaboard Marine, said: “Partnering with Xvela’s has allowed us to streamline our planning and execution processes to further improve our operational efficiency.

“Having greater visibility into vessel stability and lashing lets us cut down on the number of iterations of our stowage plan during the planning process.”

Velazco also explained that the platform gives the company the information it needs to make decisions such as precisely when to call the pilot through visibility into real-time crane operations.

Xvela’s integration with existing systems offers Seaboard Marine actionable insights throughout the vessel call including crane plans, terminal activity, and estimated completion times that aims to help the shipping line optimise port decisions.

Martin Bardi, VP of global sales for Xvela, said: “Through Xvela’s integration with the terminal operating software at an important terminal in Latin America and with the MACS3 onboard loading computer, Seaboard Marine is able to optimise stowage across each of its services to even further improve its schedule consistency and reliability.”