Friday , 23 August 2019
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GE Transportation releases new Port Optimiser capabilities

GE Transportation has launched new functionality to its Port Optimiser platform, aiming to raise real-time cargo visibility in the supply chain.

The updates include features that enable beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) to “flag” high-priority containers, enabling them to track cargo across the lifecycle of its movement and receive notifications of delays.

Advanced notifications, such as dwell time alerts, have been added to facilitate faster and more proactive pick-ups.

Additionally, trucking companies and BCOs can now automatically input delivery orders directly into Port Optimiser, replacing previous manual efforts and increasing efficiency of truck turns.

Jeffrey Solomon, director of logistics, SGCompanies, stated: “Cargo volumes are at record highs and the outlook for continued demand remains strong.

“Now, more than ever, we’re looking at how to leverage new tools and technologies to help us manage our supply chain logistics and deliver for our customers.”

The cloud-based platform is currently in use at the San Pedro Bay port complex, the busiest port complex in North America.

Laurie Tolson, chief digital officer for GE Transportation, said: “These latest updates reflect our ongoing efforts to improve and enhance the Port Optimiser based on direct feedback from users across the port community.

“With widespread adoption, the Port Optimizer platform is now facilitating data from nine out of the top 11 shipping lines moving containerized cargo through the San Pedro Bay port complex.”