Friday , 23 August 2019
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Hyster choose Mercedes-Benz/MTU engines for Stage V trucks in Europe
The engines will be used for container handlers and reachstackers

Hyster choose Mercedes-Benz/MTU engines for Stage V trucks in Europe

Hyster Europe has opted for Mercedes-Benz/MTU engines to power its forthcoming Stage V compliant big truck range for the European market.

The manufacturer’s container handlers and reachstackers, which weigh more than 8 tonnes, will be equipped with the Stage V-compliant Mercedes-Benz/ MTU Series 1000 and 1100 engines.

Jan Willem van den Brand, director of big truck product strategy and solutions at Hyster Europe, said: “Our heavy industry and port customers in Europe who will require a Stage V driveline, can continue to expect highly efficient trucks with low fuel and DEF consumption, benefiting from high productivity levels and fast operations with the power available.”

The engines have been specially designed for industrial applications such as material handling and further developed to meet EU Stage V regulations, noted a statement from Hyster. They are based on commercial vehicle engines from Daimler.

Van den Brand stated: “With the optimal match of engine sizes to the trucks and applications, customers can handle the heaviest of loads all day long, with quick turnaround times.

“Customers can expect to boost productivity with more power available for faster operations whether it is handling containers in the Swedish winter or steel pipes in the hot Italian summer.”

Produced at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Mannheim, Germany, the engines are known for their robustness and durability up to very high running hours according to Hyster.

The engines have been optimised to work in intermittent duty applications, it added, resulting in lower engine temperatures, less component wear and reduced noise levels while sufficient power reserves also result in less stress and parts wear.

The manufacturer hopes that the engine durability will help to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for its customers.