Port Nelson to receive crane simulator from Liebherr

Port Nelson to receive crane simulator from Liebherr
LiSIM can simulate harsh environmental conditions

Port Nelson in New Zealand will be the first facility in Oceania to have Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane (MHC) simulator once it is delivered in April.

The equipment manufacturer’s LiSIM, which is based on Liebherr’s Litronic crane control system,

simulates the operations of both a generic ship crane and a LHM 550 MHC. There is also the possibility of adding more Liebherr’s crane modules in the future.

The generic ship crane simulation software features Liebherr’s CBG series of floating four-rope grab cranes with a boom length of 28 m and a maximum lifting capacity of up to 45 tonnes.

The LHM 550 MHC simulator has several training programmes installed to simulate the handling of different types of loads, including containers, bulk and break bulk.

Port Nelson’s Container Operations manager Jonny Cook said: “The simulator allows benchmarking of current driver skills and monitoring of drivers using periodic checks, plus can be used to assess new drivers for suitability without the costs associated with running a real crane, such as fuel and wear-and-tear.

“It will make for safer and more efficient handling in a variety of weather conditions. We also expect it to reduce box damage during operations.”

The simulator’s flexible virtual environment also allows users to simulate harsh environmental conditions.

Matt McDonald, general manager Operations at Port Nelson, said: “Training new personnel on the quay is expensive, but also dangerous as they learn to handle large lifts, occasionally in windy or adverse conditions. We can also simulate situations that you hope never to see in real life and train people on how to react to them, the same as the aviation industry has done for years.”

Liebherr’s LiSIM, which is designed to be easily integrated into existing training centres, has the seat and controls mounted on a base and the monitors on a sturdy display frame.

“Port Nelson [is] a long-standing customer with us, and it’s great to see them buying our very first MHC simulator for Oceania,” said Gordon Clark, general manager of Maritime Cranes at Liebherr Australia. “There’s even the possibility to add further modules if they want to train others, for example offshore customers. It could end up being a stand-alone profit centre.”