Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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First LNG bunkering operations at Polish ports
The LNG fuel was pumped into the vessels from trucks

First LNG bunkering operations at Polish ports

The ports of Gdynia and Gdansk bunkered Poland’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels in an effort to respond to the needs of the market influenced by restrictions resulting from emission standards.

At the Tri-City ports, a total of 73 tonnes of LNG fuel was pumped into the tanks of the Fure Valo and Ireland ships from tank trucks.

Lukasz Greinke, president of the board of the Port of Gdansk Authority, said: “Polish ports are in their heyday at the moment. We are implementing huge investment programmes, winning new contracts.

“We are doing it all, firstly, in order to meet the current market needs, and secondly, to prepare for what the future may bring.”

According to the directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, seaports in Poland are required to provide LNG bunkering services by the end of 2025 the latest.

LNG emits fewer pollutants into the atmosphere during the combustion process and has the additional benefit of lowered storage and transport costs.

There is an increasing trend of ships fuelled by LNG which poses a challenge to ports in terms of handling these vessels and, currently, the Tri-City ports offer truck-to-ship LNG bunkering.

In the future, an alternative solution will become available in the form of a mobile bunkering point using the ship-to-ship technology.