Hyster launches new top lift laden container handler

Hyster launches new top lift laden container handler
The unit stacks up to six-high

Hyster Europe has launched a new top lift laden container handler in an effort to help raise productivity at ports and terminals.

The machine stacks up to six high and makes first row handling faster in container block stacking applications and when shuttling containers.

Chris can de Werdt, product strategy manager EMEA bus trucks at Hyster Europe, said: “One of the key challenges for ports and terminals continues to be achieving efficiency in the face of growing demand. This can be achieved through increased productivity and lowering operating costs.”

With a small footprint and turning radius, the H40-52XM-16CH series is designed to be manoeuvred quickly and easily.

To extend refuelling intervals and reduce downtime, the high capacity fuel tank featured on the latest Hyster container handlers also contributes to enhanced productivity. Likewise, long service intervals are offered at 10,000 hours for hydraulic oil (with oil sampling).

The new model is is available with either a gantry style carriage or a dedicated carriage, both are equipped with full CANbus control and automatic locking twist locks.

The heavy-duty gantry carriage features the spreader mounted underneath the carriage, connected with four hangers, and is available with both mechanical pile slope and powered pile slope.

The powered pile slope aims to allow better adoption of the spreader to containers on trailers, or on uneven ground surfaces. The gantry carriage also allows a large side shift of 400 mm.

The dedicated carriage option features a spreader mounted on the upper side and due to the lower weight compared to the gantry carriage, front axle loading is lowered by typically 7%. This helps to reduce tyre wear and damage to the operating ground surface, contributing to a lower cost of ownership.

Where required, a six-high stacking conversion is available including a high mast and wide drive axle, which is also available for the five-high mast.

Optional overlowering protection of the spreader protects the lift-cylinder rod from possible damage by the slack of the lift chain in an aim to further support a low cost of ownership.