Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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BEST receives six new Konecranes ASCs
The ASCs are expected to be fully operational in June 2019

BEST receives six new Konecranes ASCs

Hutchison Ports’ Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST) has increased its capacity with a delivery of six new automated stacking cranes (ASCs) supplied by Konecranes.

The facility now has a storage capacity of 27 automated blocks, up from its previous 24 automated blocks, which are being assembled and tested and are expected to be fully operational in June 2019.

Guillermo Belcastro, Hutchison Ports BEST CEO, said: “This investment will result in a significant increase in operational and storage capacity at the terminal and will contribute to our continuous improvement of service levels both in maritime and land operations.”

BEST currently has 11 super post-panamax quay cranes capable of operating the largest vessels in the world, 48 ASCs, 2 rail-mounted gantries (RMG) and 30 shuttle carriers.

Hutchison Ports has been committed to building an efficient and environmentally sustainable terminal in the Port of Barcelona and this is reflected in the new cranes which are electric and move on rails.

BEST was officially inaugurated in September 2012 and has since achieved a ship productivity rate of over 200 movements per hour and a sustained average performance of more than 40 movements per hour and by crane.

The facility is the first semi-automated terminal developed by Hutchison Ports Group and it boasts one of the most modern gate systems in Europe, and one of the largest railway terminals within a container terminal in the Mediterranean.

The railway terminal has eight mixed gauge tracks (Iberian and UIC) which connects BEST daily with different points of Spain and the South of France.