Noatum Logistics expands warehouse network in Spain

Noatum Logistics expands warehouse network in Spain

Noatum Logistics has opened its largest logistics warehouse in Ribarroja (Valencia), expanding the company’s total storage capacity in Spain to approximately 33,000 sq m.

As part of the company’s diversification process it aims to create a network of its own warehouses and the new 10,000 sq m facility, which has 16 docks, has joined four others located in Spain.

Tony Tintoré, managing director, Westmed de Noatum Logistics, said: “With the opening of this new warehouse in Spain, the third in just four months, we now manage 32,800 sq m directly from Madrid, Barcelona and now Valencia.

“This strengthens our position in the high-value logistics market and allows us to continuously offer quality solutions to our customers.”

The company opened its first Spanish warehouse in 2017 in ZAL II, where Noatum Logistics’ headquarters is based in Barcelona, and another in the Port of Barcelona in May 2018.

Both of these warehouses have a capacity of 4,500 sq m while the third Barcelona-based warehouse, opened in January 2019, in Lliçà de Munt covers 9,000 sq m.

Noatum also inaugurated a warehouse with a capacity of 4,800 sq m in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, in April 2019.

All of the facilities will have the necessary customs licences, health regulation and environmental certificates as well as temporary storage, private customs warehouse and bonded warehouse certifications.

This will allow the warehouses to offer logistic storage and distribution services to the entire supply chain.

Noatum Logistics is one of three business units of Noatum Maritime alongside Noatum Maritime Services and Noatum Terminals.

The maritime, logistics and port services company is present in 26 countries with 118 locations and handles over 633,000 containers in its terminals and warehouses.