Port of Valencia converts existing Konecranes RTGs to fully-electric operation

Port of Valencia converts existing Konecranes RTGs to fully-electric operation
The RTGs have been converted to fully-electric operation

The Port of Valencia has implemented Spain’s first busbar retrofit of its Konecranes Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) cranes with the aim to improve its sustainability, safety and efficiency.

In addition to purchasing new busbar-ready Konecranes RTGs, MSC Terminal VLC (MSCTV) converted its existing RTGs to fully electric operation through the busbar retrofit.

MSCTV terminal manager Sven Valentin said: “MSCTV has a strong company focus on sustainability and we believe that using ‘clean’ equipment to reduce our environmental impact is imperative to continuing to work harmoniously with our local communities.

“Konecranes not only supplies the technology to make this happen, but they share the same environmentally conscious mind set, which makes them a valued supplier to work with.”

The retrofitted RTGs offer an approximate 20% reduction in CO2 emissions and aim to provide less noise, operate at higher levels of productivity and reliability as well as requiring less maintenance.

With a busbar system, the power is supplied by a low electrified fence that provides the physical contact while it eliminates the need for refuelling in order to enable the RTGs to spend more time shifting containers.

Valentin added: “The challenge for us is implementing new methods and procedures – to improve sustainability for example – and instilling them in the minds and mentality of each MSCTV employee and dock worker.

“The simplicity of Konecranes’ solution has been a great help in this area.”

Konecranes implemented a ‘single push button’ system, thought of by the MSCTV team, with the aim to simplify the RTG operator’s requirements and make the retrofit easier to introduce and accept.

The manufacturer also added trailer lift prevention and auto-steering to the RTGs in order to enhance safety and performance.

Additionally, MSCTV has a service agreement in place with Konecranes to ensure all cranes are maintained and serviced regularly.

Konecranes has also provided dedicated service technicians to work closely with the terminal’s maintenance department on a daily basis.